Design a program evaluation to determine the effectiveness, efficiency, and cost-benefit of implementing the program you proposed in Week 3. Your paper should detail your proposed methodology to evaluate your program but it should NOT be the hypothetical results of such an evaluation (i.e. do not invent data). The written portion of your assignment should be 1600 to 1800 words (150pts). In addition, develop (i.e. create and provide your own) data collection forms and surveys that would be needed in order to conduct your proposed evaluation (25pts). Finally, prepare a 10 to 15 slide PowerPoint© presentation on the program and the evaluation designed to brief a public safety senior official on your program (25pts).
The whole trick to this week’s assignment is to view it as an “asking for permission” proposal. You have designed a program that you think would work in your department and now you’re taking that proposal in front of a supervisor, a funding body, or a manager and asking for the green-light to implement it. Whenever you propose a new program, the “authorizing body”, whomever that may be, will want you to have a plan in place for how you plan to keep tabs on the program and make sure it’s doing what it was designed to do. That evaluation plan is what you are presenting this week.
This week is your opportunity to correct the materials you’ve submitted throughout the course and resubmit your revisionsin a synopsized format. DO NOT JUST RESUBMIT YOUR PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENTS! Instead, implement my corrections and incorporate that corrected material into your final proposal. Basically, the paper should flow something like this:
1) Here’s the problem I’m trying to address (brief synopsis of Week 1 content)
2) Here’s the program I’ve developed to address that program (brief synopsis of Week 3 content)
3) Here are the key steps to implementing that program (you’ll likely want to propose a formative evaluation at each step, identify what evaluation design is most appropriate and why, and detail if you plan to use internal, external, mixed, or SME evaluators with an explanation as to why you chose the group you did)
4) Here are the key outcomes of that program (consider proposing summative evaluations for each outcome and detailing the design choice and evaluator choice just like above)
5) Here are the tools I am proposing to use to conduct these evaluations (here’s where you provide a sample of any forms or tools you would propose to use).

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