The Riverez case scenerio is on the final project guidelines andrubic. Use the provided templates and make sure you cite and reference every paragraph, this instructor is insane! 

Based on your evaluation of the Riverez family and the community in which they reside that you submitted in Milestone Two, as well as the feedback you received from your instructor and from the peer review, create a family care plan using the  and a community care plan using the . Note that these templates both provide prompts to guide you through their completion.

As you complete these templates, think about your introduction to the case scenario (Milestone One) and instrument application (Milestone Two) for the Riverez family and their community. These care plans will help you address the following critical elements for your final project: Section II: Systematic Analysis of the Family, and Section III: Systematic Analysis of the Community.

Be sure that you recommend the least intrusive and restrictive interventions. Evaluate the potential outcomes that may be derived from the applied interventions and resources. To the extent possible, incorporate similar community agencies in Chicago, IL, to those that you found in your own local community into your care plan.

For additional details, please refer to the  document and the  document.

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