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For this Assignment, you practice interviewing an older adult about life events, experiences, and feelings that have shaped them. You then transform your interview notes into a narrativethat is, a life storyof the individual you interviewed. You interweave within this narrative an analysis of the life story by integrating person and the environment concepts and theories drawn from HBSE I and II.interview an older adult (age 65 or older) about their life story, using the Life Span Interview document in the Learning Resources. Take notes as you conduct the interview.
Review your notes and begin to interpret the older adults life story through the lens of human behavior and the social environment.

Submit a 3page paper in which you provide a narrative analysis of the Life Span Interview you completed. The paper should:

Provide a chronological history of the individuals major life experiences.
Identify specific biological, psychological, and sociological influences that shaped the individuals experience.
Analyze the individuals experiences by applying theory and concepts learned throughout both HBSE courses.
Be sure to include the ways in which power, privilege, and oppression shaped their experience (e.g., race and ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientation, etc.).
Provide your reflection of the experience, both in interviewing the individual and analyzing their narrative.
Explain what you learned and how you will apply this learning to future social work practice.

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