An annotated bibliography is a snapshot of your research and is considered a working document.  Review the Annotated Bibliography reading to access the template for the annotated bibliography to make your work easier with step-by-step guidance. Upload your annotated bibliography with the following components included for all of your five sources. Sources are expected to be reliable and current; no source will be accepted if it is more than 6 years old, so pay careful attention to publication or site dates. To clarify, you’re going to repeat the process below for all five sources. In addition, follow the template to include an introductory paragraph at the top of your annotated bibliography; this paragraph may be a revised version of your topic-claiming discussion post.

  • List source in alphabetical order according to author’s
    last name. If no author name is listed, then the source should be listed according to article or web page title. (Citation is formatted with a hanging indent.)
  • Then, write a paragraph of 6-12 sentences that contains the following about your source:
    • Summary with the main idea and one or two supporting details
    • Statement about the author or publication details that identifies the source as credible
    • An explanation of the source’s usefulness for your essay as background, support, or counterargument. (Paragraph is formatted to line up with the tab of the citation.)

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