Choose any one of the following topics for your position paper and create an annotated bibliography for your topic:

The social/environmental, cognitive, emotional, and/or developmental factors: Examining the factors that may contribute to the onset and severity of  mood and/or anxiety disorders
Treatments for mood and/or anxiety disorders: Comparing and contrasting biological and psychosocial approaches
Suicide: Prevention, intervention, and the relationship with  mood disorders
Comorbidity (substance abuse and mood and/or anxiety disorders: A review of current research
Quality of life: How  mood and/or anxiety disorders affect work, home, and relationships
Locate at least six peer-reviewed academic journal articles on your chosen topic from the South University Online Library. Please make sure that the articles are not more than five to six years old. What cannot be used for articles are web sources (other than the library), Wikipedia, textbooks, and other books. For the analysis portion of the article, it is expected that you will use sources like the text or other reliable sources to support your analysis. Those references will be listed in the reference section.
Please remember that all journal articles selected must relate to the course and must be relevant to anxiety and/or mood disorders. For example, if you choose suicide as the topic for your position paper and annotated bibliography, the selected journal articles must relate to suicide and anxiety and/or mood disorders. It is not sufficient to merely discuss suicide in general. You must link suicide with an analysis of anxiety and/or mood disorders. If you choose to discuss comorbidity, your journal articles and analysis must relate back to anxiety and/or mood disorders. It is not sufficient to analyze comorbidity in general. The journal articles and analysis must be relevant to the course, anxiety and/or mood disorders
Submission Details:
In a 3- to 5-page Microsoft Word document, assemble the annotated bibliography and address the following:
Write a 2-paragraph summary for each article.
Write a 1- to 2-paragraph analysis and evaluation for each article focusing on how it supports your chosen topic.
Integrate what you learned in your course readings in that analysis.
Use APA format, including:
Title page
Double space
Reference page
Apply APA standards to the citation of sources, including the use of in-text citations and full references.

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