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Read Chapter 2 in the Vaughn and Bos (2020) text.
Pay particular attention to Cognitive Strategy Instruction and Social Learning and Interactive Dialogue.
Activity 1:
Develop a method to teach a strategy (e.g., use of a graphic organizer, pre-reading strategy, prediction) to a class of students with learning disabilities using cognitive strategy instruction. For example, you recently modified a lesson plan to ensure differentiation in how you teach the content that students would need in order to write a friendly letter. Imagine that you were teaching that content to a class of 4th grade students with learning disabilities, writing and reading readiness levels ranging from 1 – 3rd grade. You may want to teach a writing or reading strategy to better help them access the lesson. You may also choose a metacognitive learning strategy (e.g., self-regulation, planning, monitoring understanding). When I was teaching public school, I realized that my students did not know how to study for quizzes and exams. I often told them, “remember to study for your quiz on…,” but I soon realized that they did not know how to do this. They needed to learn this skill set, and I needed to teach them, so I developed strategies to explicitly teach them study skills, and I saw improvement in their learning over time.
For this assignment, you will choose a strategy from either academic domain (reading or writing) that is familiar to you and that you would feel comfortable implementing, or you can devise your own strategy.  Note that where Differentiated Instruction is concerned, use of cognitive strategy instruction would most likely fall under differentiation of content, although depending on the strategy you use, you could be differentiating process or product. These terms are not terribly important here–more important is that you know and understand how to develop and teach (explicitly) the strategies that we as teachers tend to assume that students know and fully understand. 
  1. First, describe cognitive strategy instruction (e.g., What is it? What are the common characteristics? Why is it used?).
  2. Briefly explain your strategy (If you are using a graphic organizer, explain its contents and attach a copy)
  3. List and describe the steps that comprise the strategy.
  4. Explain how you would teach the strategy using direct instruction.This should be in the form of the script you wil use when speaking with your class. In other words, you are not explaining the strategy to me, you are explaining and teaching it to your class.
  5. Annotate the lesson you submitted in Session 1 to include the additional information above. Use the same lesson that you submitted previously, and include the requested information which you will label “Cognitive Strategy Instruction.”
Activity 2:
In a separate document, answer the following question:
  1. How can teachers use the features of social learning to make instruction more effective for the students they teach? Provide examples.
For both activities above, remember to include an APA reference list for any resources that you include. Please reference websites appropriately. Do not just list the link. 🙂

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