Write a 200-250 word summary on a news article about Ancient Rome. Your article must be approved by me first! No two students are allowed to use the same article. Your article must be found online and sent to me using the Canvas inbox BEFORE you begin writing your summary.  

Use an article from an appropriate modern news outlet: New York Times, BBC, Smithsonian,  etc. Sadly, we cannot use National Geographic anymore as they have kicked me out for reading too many articles :( 

All papers should be double-spaced using 12 point, Times New Roman font. The assignment is worth 50 total points. When you are ready to submit, you will do so from this page. It will go through Unicheck to check for plagiarism. A summary should still be in your own words, so there should not be any plagiarism.THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE DUE FEBRUARY 3. Send me a link before the due date so I know you are hard at work. Do not send me a link on February 2. That’s called procrastination!

In the upper-left side of your paper, you will need to have the following:

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