Remember the word argument does not mean a fight in a writing context. An academic argument is more like a thoughtful conversation between two people with differing viewpoints on a debatable issue. However, you are required to take a position on one side of the issue.

In order to foster learning and growth, all essays you submit must be newly written specifically for this course. Any recycled work will be sent back with a 0, and you will be given one attempt to redo the touchstone.

Your submission must include an APA style reference page following the essay. In your research, you will need 2-4 credible primary or secondary sources to use as support in your essay.

On a separate page, below your reference page, include thoughtful answers to the Think About Your Writing questions. References and Think About Your W

Argumentative Topic and Thesis Statement

Have you included a thesis that takes a clear, specific position on one side of a debatable issue?

Argument Development

Are all of the details relevant to the purpose of your essay?
Is the argument supported using rhetorical appeals and source material?
Is your essay 4-6 pages (approximately 1000-1500 words)? If not, which details do you need to add or delete?


Have you cited outside sources effectively using quotation, summary, or paraphrase?
Are the sources incorporated smoothly, providing the reader with signal phrases and context for the source information?
Have you referenced a range of 2-4 credible sources?
Have you included an APA style reference page below your essay?

Organization and Flow

Is there an introduction, conclusion, adequate body paragraphs, and a counterargument?
Is the argument presented in a logical order and easy for the reader to follow?
Are there transitions within and between paragraphs?


Are the word choices accurate and effective?
Are the sentence structures varied?

Conventions and Formatting

Have you properly cited your sources according to APA style guidelines?
Have you double-checked for correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, and capitalization?
Have you proofread for typos?

Before You Submit

Have you answered all of the Think About Your Writing questions on a separate page below your reference page? Are your answers thoughtful and included insights, observations, and/or examples in all responses?
Does your submission include your essay, followed by your reference page, followed by your Think About Your Writing questions?

riting questions are NOT included in the word count for this essay.

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