1. Please read the Sue Shellenbarger article (Shellenbarger article.pdf), “This Embarrasses You and I: Grammar Gaffes Invade the Office in an Age of Informal ­­Email, Texting, and Twitter.”  
2. Make notes about the important points the author made.
3. Read the How to Write an Article Summary slides.
4. Summarize the Shellenbarger article using the notes you made about the article highlights. 
5. Summarize the main points of the article in one paragraph. Refer to the author of the article. Present the major ideas concisely.
6. Use one quotation that adds to your message. In other words, avoid quoting just to make the message longer. 
I’ve uploaded the article (Shellenbarger article.pdf) to this site.
***Note:  I am an ESL student.  Would you mind writing this assignment as simple as I can understand?

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