After reading the article, summarize the article and write your thoughts about the article. Specifically, the summary must be at least two pages (or more), and the critique must also be at least two pages (or more).
In summary, you just summarize what the article talks about (do not include your personal thoughts here!). In critique, please write the strengths & weaknesses of the article, and applications/suggestions.
You must also follow this instruction as well: no cover and reference pages are required. *Just write your name and the name of the article. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) must be followed with 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-point Time New Romans, and no spaces in between lines.
High-quality writing is expected and also grading (especially about plagiarism) will be strict. You must use your own words for both summary and critique parts. Do not copy and directly paste any sources from the article.

Submission Instructions:

You must submit this assignment via Turnitin at 11:59pm on Feb 15 (Monday). No late assignment will be accepted. Please submit your assignment with enough time. When you have Blackboard issues (so that you can’t submit your assignment via Turnitin), send me the picture of your computer screen as evidence and the file of your assignment before 11:59pm on Feb 15. Again, no late assignment will be accepted.

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