You will earn five points if you have followed the appropriate instructions for submitting your research paper topic to your instructor.  The specific details are in the Unit 4, Lesson 2 Assignments folder.  Note: Do not attach or upload your topic into this folder as a Word Document.  The explicit instructions are for you to email your instructor.  Once your instructor has received, approved, or provided feedback to your topic, he/she/they will award you with the appropriate points. 
Welcome to unit 4, lesson 2!  In this lesson, we will continue exploring the term cultural competence.  Greater emphasis is placed on cultural competence from an educational perspective in this lesson, so as you unpack the course content, think about ways in which you can be a culturally competent educator.
Objectives for this lesson:
Define the term cultural competenceReflect on how teachers can be culturally competent in their practice
This lesson’s assignments:
1) Read the following articles:
ASDC – “The Case for Cultural Competency”
Hanover Researcher – “Strategies for Building Cultural Competency”
Education Next – “How Schools and Teachers Can Get Better At Cultural Competence”
2) Read the text entitled “Communicating Cross-Culturally: What Teachers Should Know” by Pratt-Johnson (2006).  Click HERE to access the text. 
3) Complete the discussion board task in the lesson 1 folder. Your initial response to the question(s) must be completed by Friday at 11:59 p.m. EST, and your one peer responses must be completed by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Your response(s) to the question(s) should be no fewer than 150 words in length, and your peer response should be no fewer than 100 words in length.  Be mindful of this as you complete your discussions.
4) Email your chosen final research paper topic to your professor no later than Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Be sure that the headline of your email is formatted as follows: “FirstName LastName – Course Section – Research Paper Topic.”  This will help instructors sort through emails.  Note: Submitting your topic on time will earn you 5 points for this week. (The research paper guidelines are attached to this folder in case you need to look over it again.)
ECE-111- Final Research Paper – Guidelines-1.pdf

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