For this project, you will complete an observation of any place or organization in your community that provides services to an aging population. Include any suggested revisions to your observation protocol you received in feedback. 

In this Final Project, you will rely on the knowledge gained from this course via readings, experiential activities such as your observations, the three Assignment papers, and your interactions with your peers and Instructor. You will observe the needs of people who are older from macro (policy), mezzo (organizational), and micro (individual) perspectives within your community. Collect evidence from and support your observations using newspapers, local magazines, and other Internet sources.

The Assignment (57 pages, plus observation protocol):

To complete this Final Project, you should begin by writing your observations of people who are older in your community. Then, you should identify two macro, two mezzo, and two micro needs that aging people in your community face. Finally, you should develop and argue for three possible interventions, solutions, or ideas at the macro, mezzo, and micro levels that would address the needs of people who are aging in your community. Support your writing with the evidence you collected.

In addition to the diary of your observations using the observation protocol, your written paper should be 57 pages in length and contain a minimum of five relevant peer-reviewed sources to support your arguments.

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