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For this presentation, you will be asked to create a 6-8 minute presentation on a topic of your interest related to psychology. To get ideas for this, I encourage you to skim through the textbook and see what is appealing to you.  Once you have selected your topic, you will upload the chosen topic for feedback before you begin. You will want to make sure your topic isnt too broad (e.g., Dreams) or too specific (e.g., The impact of dreams about war on 21-year-old Pacific Islanders).  Your presentation should include factual information gathered from at least 5 empirical journal articles; do not use Wikipedia!. Empirical means that they are research studies and not just factual/theoretical sources. You will create a visual accompanied by an audio track explaining your topic. The visual can be either a creative powerpoint or Prezi, or a short video to teach the class about your topic. (I may be open to other ideas for a visual too so just email me if you have a different idea.) You will need to provide a typed script so that it is accessible to all students OR upload it to YouTube for captioning (easiest method).  You will audio-record the script, which can be done through Canvas or through a variety of other methods depending on which program you are using to create your visual.   This assignment will be submitted via the discussion board link for the presentations so that you can see others presentations and comment/ask questions

 I have also included links for additional information about creating powerpoints with audio/video as well as how to use Prezi.  Prezi has a free student version, so no need to spend money for a fancier version of it. Feel free to choose your favorite option. 

Please be aware that the late pass CANNOT be used on this assignment.  Also, be aware that a script MUST be included with your audio for accessibility purposes or upload to YouTube the day before it is due so that captions can be auto-created (the latter is much easier, and you can select “Unlisted” so that you get to share the link so that only we see it and not the whole world). 


Suggested Outline for AV presentation: 

I. Introduction to topic, overview, engage reader from beginning (1-3 slides) Consider opening with questions or a brief activity they can do from home.  Include images.  HIGH ENERGY (but not creepy!)

II. Research studies (at least one slide per study) including the main findings we should focus on from each study (who studied it, their purpose, and what they found). Include citations and images on your slides.

III. Synthesis of these 5 studies (What does it mean? What can we conclude? What do we still need to know?). Again, images are helpful. Ask audience questionsengage again, activity, etc. (1-3 slides)

IV. Implications and Conclusion (1-2 slides)

V.  References (1-2 slides)


Rubric for Audio Visual Presentation20 pts per section below–


_____ Thoroughness (met minimum time guidelines, content, script): 

_____ Solid use of research studies (not just websites or facts)

_____ Audio quality/clarity/organization                                                                                

_____ Creativity/interest                                                                               

_____ Topic proposal submitted on time (deductions for lateness)  

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