View "," a YouTube video hosted by National Geographic that appears below. Then review the article "" from the Florida Department of Corrections. Select one prison gang to profile and take notes to answer the questions below the video.

After viewing the video and reading "," answer the questions below:

  • Summarize the prison gang you chose to profile. Include general information about the gang’s origination, membership and allegiance, purpose, rivals, how to exit the gang, and the level of violence connected with the gang in prison.
  • Give your opinion about the following scenario: Andrew is an 18 year old, Hispanic male who has been convicted of a computer crime and sentenced to prison. This is the first time Andrew has been to prison. Andrew has no ties to gangs in the real world. Based on your research and the prison gang you chose, how will this gang deal with Andrew? Will Andrew be able to stay out of the violent subculture? Will Andrew be forced to join a gang for protection?

Answer the questions in 250-300 words.  The following are the APA correct margin and paragraph settings:

Font: Times New Roman 12-point.

Margins: APA style requires that they be one inch around the entire paper.  This is the default setting in Microsoft Word.  You may also right-click (on your mouse) to bring up the menu and select Paragraph.  The following are the correct settings:

            Alignment: Left

            Outline Level: Body Text

            Indentation: Left & Right: 0

            Special: None

            By: Leave blank

            Spacing: Before & After: 0

            Line Spacing: Double

            At: Leave blank

            Don’t add space between paragraphs of same style: Do not ‘check’ box

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