The most problems supervisors encounter among employees are absenteeism, tardiness, insubordination alcohol and drug abuse, workplace violence, and theft. Discipline, which is used to prevent employees from breaking rules and to quickly bring about a change in behavior, must be applied in a constructive way also. Before administering discipline, supervisors need to have a clear understanding of the situation by knowing all the facts. Supervisors must be careful to motivate and correct rather than to generate hostility and resentment. Supervisors must: follow organizational procedures, union requirements, and laws regarding fair employment practices.  

In 5-6 pages, please answer the following questions:

  • Define and discuss the purpose of a progressive disciplinary action process for employees.
  • List, outline, and describe (be specific) the primary steps utilized in a progressive disciplinary action process.
  • List and describe some of the “employee rights” when implementing a progressive disciplinary process in a union-represented workplace?
  • What are the benefits associated with having and implementing a progressive disciplinary process for an organization?

Follow instructions from the Essay Outline (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion) above. Identify 3-5 resources (journal articles or websites above) in addition to information from the textbook to answer the questions for this assignment. If the textbook does not provide enough information, you will have to retrieve the 3rd article to complete this assignment.   

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