In a paper format (use MLA style — please see Purdue OWL for what the paper should look like or the sample posted in this module), answer the following:

In a report, explain why you think each of the following is or is not ethical:

  • De-emphasizing negative test results in a report about a product your company makes
  • Your colleague rarely completes work assignments. You have been helping him finish the last two projects. 
  • You spotted an open bottle of booze in a colleague’s desk drawer. You have not, however, seen the employee consume alcohol at work.
  • Your boss asks workers to stay late. Although several employees have said they could not stay late, your boss persists in telling workers that there is “a bit” more work for them to do

You should begin with a thesis statement that addresses the overall concept of this assignment (ethical considerations) and write at least one paragraph about each. Your introduction can be just your thesis. You do not need a conclusion. Written work must comply with all rules of basic grammar and mechanics. 

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