The purpose of this assignment is to learn about the U.S. Constitution and the Bills of Rights.

Tasks: Click the link and read the U. S. Constitution. Search each situation below very carefully. Identify the name of the amendment or Bill of Right that is being exercised in each of the following situations. Submit when finished for a QUIZ GRADE! 

Criteria: Each question is worth 10 points each for a total of 100 points.

1. Pat was stopped by a police officer on his way home from school. The police officer wanted to search Pat’s backpack because he heard a teenage boy had just robbed the candy store on the corner. Pat said to the officer, “Do you have a warrant?” The
officer said, “No.” Pat informed the officer that he could not search his bag because it violated his rights.__________________________________

2. Angela arrived home one evening to find a member of the United States navy sitting at the dining room table eating dinner with her parents. Angela quickly turned to her parents and said, “Why is there a military person in our home?” Angela’s parents
said, “We were told we had to house this soldier.” Angela quickly kicked the soldier out and said to him, “Read the Bill of Rights.”

3. Cody is upset over the current curfew effecting teenagers throughout Glendale. Cody decided that he was going to collect as many signatures as he could on a petition and present it to the city government’s office._______________________________________________

4. Zach, a recent immigrant to the United States, was driving around the city of Los Angeles and noticed that there were churches and temples from several different religions located throughout the city. He was amazed at the fact that people in the
United States could practice and worship any religion of their choice._____________________________________________

5. On January 10, 2002, Sergio was arrested for trespassing on his neighbor’s property. When he appeared before the judge to set his trial date, the judge told him his trial would take place on January 24, 2006. Sergio immediately informed the
judge that this date was unacceptable.___________________________

6. Nowhere in the Constitution does it talk about what part of the federal government is in charge of education. Today each individual state controls and sets the standards for their state’s educational system ______________________________________

7. Daisha was caught littering in the park one day after school. When she went to trial, the jury found her guilty since there was a ton of evidence showing her guilt. The judge decided to give Daisha a special sentence. He wanted Daisha to walk from
Los Angeles to Washington D.C. Along her journey across the country, Daisha had to fill up 1 million bags of trash with litter she found along the roads. Daisha quickly informed the judge she did not have to fulfill this sentence.__________________________________

8. Alexis was told that she could not wear her favorite shirt anymore because of a slogan that was written on it. Instead she had to wear shirts that were only approved by the federal clothing agency. Alexis knew that this rule could not possibly be true because she learned about the Bill of Rights in school. ___________________________________

9. Alston wrote a nice lengthy article for the Daily News describing the changes students would like to see at Roosevelt Middle School. The principal tried to stop Alston’s article from being published in the local newspaper, but she was unsuccessful. _________________________________________

10. Madyson visited one of her elderly neighbors and noticed that she had a gun locked away in one of her cabinets. During the visit, Madyson turned to her neighbor and asked, “Why do you have a gun in your house?” Her neighbor simply said, “I am
exercising my right to own a gun legally.” _________________

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