I’m attaching the directions to this paper and the resource etext for your review. I simply do not have time for this assignment. Plan for Integrating Caring and the Hidden Curriculum.  See resources Guide & Template and Writing Goals and Objectives.  Check both prior to commencing work.  The first page of the Guide is a schematic that you will use to organize your attack on the assignment.  Do not submit this as part of your paper; it is a guide. Start at the top left box and proceed clockwise until you arrive at the box entitled Analysis and Conclusions. You’ll see three skinnier arrows that illustrate completion of the planning-to-application-to-feedback loop.  Subsequent pages present a template to use for writing your paper, with some details regarding what will be included under each heading.  Questions regarding this assignment should go to this week’s ByrdQuest Forum rather than via emails.  That’s so your classmates can profit from others’ Q&A postings about the assignment.  Be sure to integrate your strategies into instruction so that they appear organic and natural, not sticking out like a sore thumb.  This is a hidden curriculum approach. We don’t want irate parents complaining that instructional time and effort are suffering at the expense of social engineering.  What I’m asking is not so different from the ideal in interracial or other friendships.  Both should be natural, not forced and artificial. When we learn to implement these culturally responsive strategies as a natural part of teaching, we will have succeeded. Cite at least one classmate’s forum posting as a resource.  Those would be citations of what is called by APA as personal communications.  Here are examples of two ways to do this kind of citation:  …according to T. Blackwell (personal communication, January 31, 2021), the situation…or…thus the situation was made worse (T. Blackwell, personal communication, January 31, 2021)…remember, personal communication citations do not appear on the references page.  Include at least one citation from the text…no quotations.  Consult the resource document Guide and Template for Strategies Papers before beginning.

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