Manufacturers use promotions to communicate products benefits to distributors and to the final customers. Therefore, the marketing organization must provide marketing information that is received favorably by distributors and final customers. Marketing organizations, through promotion, provide information by way of advertising, sales promotions, salespeople, public relations, and packaging. (26)

Different types of promotions (or communications) are used to communicate with different target markets because of different consumer needs and different consumer behaviors.


For this research paper, you will need to:

  1. Select one of the following two groups that contain two companies each:
    • Group 1
    • Group 2
  2. Of the two companies in the group you selected, research the promotional efforts of each firm and outline key aspects of how each firm promotes its products or services.

Critical Thinking Conversation

  1. In terms of the 4 Ps, please explain the concept of promotions in your own words.
  2. How does promotion relate to buyer behavior?
  3. Regarding the two companies you selected, please compare and contrast how the companies use promotions. What are the similarities? What are the differences? 


The body of your APA-formatted report must be at least 500 words. Do not include an abstract. Your report should include a cover page, cited references in the body of your paper, a reference page, and must include the following:

  • Introduction: The introduction should introduce the topic (promotions) to readers or provide enough background information so readers can understand the context of the paper. Although introductions should be included, do not use the heading, Introduction. The beginning is assumed to be the introduction.
  • Overview: Summarize the concept of promotion and its positive impact on organizations and consumers. Provide a general overview of how promotional efforts can add value to organizations and consumers.
  • Critical Thinking Conversation: Respond to the Critical Thinking Conversation. Start by sharing an overview of the two companies you selected and describe each firm’s target market.
  • Debrief: Share your thoughts, opinions, and analysis based on your research. Please include reasonable assumptions that can be made about the different uses of promotions based on a firms target market. (Do not use first or second-person pronouns.)
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should revisit key points or perhaps discuss future implications of the topics discussed in the paper. Using the heading, Conclusion, signals to readers that the document is ending. (1)

Your paper must include the following specific headings: OverviewCritical Thinking ConversationDebriefConclusionPlease do not deviate. 


Turnitin, an integrated plagiarism tool, will be used to screen all writing assignment submissions for this course. After you have reviewed the instructions and the rubric, complete your submission using the Turnitin Tool below. For assistance using the Turnitin Tool, please reference this . You do not need to create a Turnitin account. Your paper will be submitted to Turnitin automatically. 


This assignment is worth 150 points towards your final grade and will be graded using the Case Study Rubric. Please use the rubric as a guide toward the successful completion of this assignment

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