BOOK:The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy By Irvin D. Yalon and Molyn Leszcz I DO NOT HAVE THE BOOK
 750 words in length for CH3 and 750 words in length for CH5 Sepearte the two with headers within the paper. 
Chapter 3: What is Group Cohesion and how is it created?

Chapter 5: What are the Basic Tasks of a therapist and how are they implemented?

All assignments unless otherwise stated should be formatted in accordance with the current American Psychological Association (APA) style (cover page, double space, 1-inch margin, running heads, page number, in-text citation, references, etc.). 

Papers are graded on the depth and quality of your thinking about the issues, the insight expressed in your observations of self and group processes, and the degree to which you are able to integrate theory from the readings with your observations.

Please always PROOFREAD YOUR WRITING before submitting it.

Discuss the concepts and key ideas [and each major heading] from the chapter. Discuss the relevance and applicability of the theory and concepts from the readings to your own experiences. Your self‐observations, reactions, and group observations are critical in these papers. Include theory and concepts from prior readings as appropriate.

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