In Chapter 21, you learn about shipment and delivery contracts. For this discussion, let’s talk about Amazon. How many of you have purchased off of Amazon? I certainly have. Has anyone read the terms and conditions to know whether the contract is a shipment contract of a destination contract? Well, there is no time like the present. For this post, please read the following:

  • Chapter 21 of your textbook; and
  • Amazon’s Conditions of Use. (Links to an external site.)

You must post your initial response prior to replying to others. Posting a blank message or a message with “.” in your first reply permits you to see others’ responses first, which will lead to receiving zero points for the initial post since it can provide an unfair advantage.

  1. Is Amazon’s Conditions of Use a shipment contract or a destination contract? Please explain your reasoning. I’m looking for two sentences in response to this prompt, in a paragraph marked “1.” Hint: look for “risk of loss.”
  2. Please tell the class your thoughts on the Amazon contract. I am looking for two sentences in response to this prompt, in a paragraph numbered “2.”

Step Two – Post a Reply to Two Different Classmates

After you have completed the first post, you can see your classmates’ posts. Please reply to two different classmates using at least two sentences in each reply. “Good job” and/or “I agree” will not suffice. Please tell a classmate why you agree or disagree with them and include your reasoning in each reply. If you disagree with a classmate, be sure to keep your comments respectful and constructive.


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