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  1. First make sure that you’ve completed the applicable sections in our lecture notes.  This case study covers amine salt-forming reactions (amine + acid –> salt) and the resulting difference in physical properties including solubility.
  2. Read through the case study carefully.  Write down your tentative answers to the questions posed.  You can find these questions embedded in the case study.
  3. Ideally contact your study group and work with them- this can not only enhance everyone’s learning, but also help catch mistakes and increase scores!
  4. Revise your answers as needed, clearly numbering them and submitting your assignment as a single, multi-page pdf. Make sure your answers are in your own words.


A successful submission includes:

  • All questions are answered.
  • For the questions with one correct answer, the answers are correct and exhibit mastery of applicable concepts and excellent critical thinking.
  • For the questions asking for your thoughts and opinions, ideas have been explained and explored, showing depth in thought and/or discussion

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