B: Build elementary logic gates like And, Or, Not, XOR using only NAND gates. "Nand" is the name of the most elementary logic gate from which computers are normally built. First 4 levels of the NANDGAME

Lab 1: Build a NOT gate – Invert .

Lab 2: Build an AND gate.

Lab 3: Build an OR gate.

Lab 4: Build a XOR gate.

C: Investigate how basic arithmetic circuits are built.

Lab 5: Design a half adder.

Lab 6: Design a full adder.

Lab 7: Design a 4 bit adder.

For each Lab you should include:
– Analysis
– Schematics
– Truth Table – Use only 2 numbers 2 bit each for the truth table of Lab 7.
– Equations
– A Screen Shot of the NandGame Level Completed.

Include a Cover Page, a Table of Contents and all the required Parts in your My Portfolio Package.

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