You should choose your essay topic from one of the following questions: 

  1. Read Douglas Holt’s article (on moodle, Lecture 1): How Consumers Consume that looks at what people do when they consume and how they interact with others. From his study of baseball matches, he develops a typology that shows how consumers use the sport in different ways: 1) consuming as experience; 2) consuming as integration; 3) consuming as classification; and 4) consuming as play.  Apply this typology to an activity of your choice (sport, music, hobby or any other form of entertainment) and analyse which of these are most relevant to your own experience. Then discuss how others may consume the same experience differently.

  1. Lecture 2 covers 3 perspectives (behavioural economic, sociological, psychoanalytical) on what drives consumption choices. Pick a single consumption event, such as going to a restaurant, buying a car, or any similar choice situation you like and: 1, describe how each of the 3 perspectives applies to your chosen situation. 2, compare the perspectives to one another 3, provide your own view on which types on consumption situations are best matched to a certain perspectives and why, making use of your own example. Make sure to demonstrate an understanding of the literature, particularly the literature assigned for lecture 2 & 3.  

The essay is to be 1,500 words in length and must contain a reference list of all sources consulted (not included in word length). Marking will be on the basis of research effort, engagement with appropriate topics and the related academic literature, content, argument effectiveness and writing style. 

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