Phase 1 Desk Study Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site Bromley by Bow

A Phase I study involves a full ‘desk-based’ study of the site. This includes any published material, reports, data, records of works, recorded spillages, and structural developments, amongst other source material.

In the UK, you do not have to search for all the relevant information by yourself. You have an option to request a disclosure report for your site. The report is generated by an environmental consultancy that subscribes to a range of databases and is, therefore, able to search for all the relevant information on your behalf.

I have uploaded in-depth Groundsure Disclosure Reports: Environmental and Geology, and supporting maps. They represent the volume of material that you routinely get when carrying out a desk based investigation.

You are to prepare a briefer version of Phase 1 study report using the Goundsure Reports and maps in the evaluation of an MGP site located in East London. In reality, the site has been already investigated. However, you are to assume that the risks associated with the site are unknown. Your client wishes to assess the potential use of the site for either residential (flats) or retail development, as these would yield the best value. You are tasked with assessing how the past uses of the site could cause certain sources (contaminants of concern) to be present and their linkages to potential receptors.

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