This paper is to be written in the style of an executive briefing.  Using a chosen case pertaining to contract law, take the position of a member of senior managment in an organization that would be impacted by the decision. It should be a recent court case involving contract law and be sure to select an organization not a party that will be affected by the decision.  I will attach the instructions from the course, please pay careful attention to what needs to be included in the 3 page executive briefing, mostly outlined on pages 2 and 3 of the pdf. APA format, Ariel, and font size 12.  The pdf also lists several websites that can be used to locate relevant court cases, this assignment doesn’t specify a case, simply that it must be pertaining to contract law. There needs to be a brief summary of the chosen court case at the beginning and sources must be properly cited. Include the case that was used and what site was used to access it. There will also be a sample assignment attached, to give a better idea on how the paper is meant to be formatted and what information to include.

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