One method of learning new material is to summarize critical concepts in the form of a question and answer. 

As you are reading, taking notes, and preparing for your exam, summarize critical concepts in the form of two questions.
To clarify, you are only writing questions from the assigned text chapters that we have covered thus far. The two questions for each chapter must include one multiple choice and one true/false question.
You must use the following template to create this assignment: Critical Concepts Assignment Template.docx
The questions should reinforce critical concepts related to the Learning Objectives, Key Terms, and Points to Remember of each chapter.
Questions submitted must include the chapter number, page number, paragraph number, related learning objective/key term, and the correct answer. If you are using an eBook be sure to provide the actual page number and not the PDF reader page.
Shallow or simple questions that do not relate a critical concept or are not related to chapter learning objectives or key terms will not receive full credit.
Consider creating questions for the concepts that you find most difficult to understand.
Choose your questions wisely! The questions submitted will be used to 1) assist you in creating a study guide for the exam, and 2) generate questions for future exams. 
 Before beginning, please review the following resources:
True-False Question Guide
Critical Concepts Questions Rubric

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