Midterm Essay


The purpose of this paper is to look at the information about juvenile delinquency that you have learned thus far this semester, and apply this information to a prominent juvenile case study.


You should start by selecting a prominent juvenile case study from the following list:


The Columbine Shooting

The Lionel Tate Case

The Harvey Miguel Robinson Case

The Amy Fisher Case

The James Bulger Abduction


If you find another case on your own, please email me beforehand for approval. 


Your paper should start with a thorough and detailed discussion of the case itself. When did it happen, what are the main facts about the case, which are the key players, what was the outcome, etc.  


Then you need to apply the relevant information that you learned in class to the case. You can apply whatever information you think is relevant. However, there are two required pieces of information that you must include:


1.     You need to include a discussion on at least two or more of theoretical approaches that applies to the event (biological, psychological, social). Why did you select those approaches? Give detailed information from the case and the text to support your selection. 


2.     For the approach or approaches you selected, please discuss the specific theories from that approach that apply to the case. Why did you select those particular theories. Please give detailed information from the case and the text to support your selection. 


The remainder of the paper should be based on research that you conduct in the library using peer-reviewed sources on the type of case you selected to give a deeper explanation on why events like this occur in society. For example, if you selected the case of Columbine, you may want to conduct research on the topic of school shootings or the effects of bullying, etc. and apply it to your discussion of Columbine. Make sure to follow these guidelines for whatever specific cases you choose.    


You should use at least five research sources. One source will be our textbook. For the other sources, please find media articles on the case you chose, and academic journal articles from the John Jay Library databases that provide you more general research information on the type of case you chose (i.e., a research article on school shootings, drug abuse, etc. ) 


·      Paper should be 7-10 double spaced pages – with numbered pages 

·      1-inch margin all around

·      12 point Times New Roman font.  

·      Please use APA style to cite your sources in-text and format your reference page. Make sure to reference any direct quote and to include a reference list at the end of the paper.  

·      Refer to the Rubric inside Blackboard for grading expectations.

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