**Please see attached course instructions and grading rubric**

The paper will need to be inAPA style and be 1100-1200 words. Please see the rubric below. You will need tochoose thre of the approaches on the second page, but the real points are inthe explanation of system 1 and 2 thinking (some background on the two systems https://fs.blog/daniel-kahneman-the-two-systems/#:~:text=System%201%20operates%20automatically%20and,demand%20it%2C%20including%20complex%20computations.)

The second focus should be onthe opposing veiw, these can be done in parallel, where you can talk about oneapproach in detail where you talk about the benefits then the oppsoing view,then do the other two appraches the same way. An intro and conclusion would be helpfuland you can use any other sources as well but please site using APA.

I am a good tipper as wellwhen the work is good. Please see the instructions below followed by thereffernced article. 

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