Discussion Post: 

See attachments for the required reading. PLEASE USE References from the attachment in conjunction with other peer-reviewed citations for a total of 5-6 references.


What are the potential challenges of expatriate managers working for much more money than the Host Country Nationals (HCN)? Which approach would you utilize to establish base salaries and why?


Three full paragraphs are required for your post. Points will be deducted for posts that lack depth, and those that do not meet the length requirement will lose points as well. You must provide evidence in all your responses in the form of citations and references using APA format from articles from widely respected peer-reviewed journals such as International Journal of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, etc. Feel free to provide anecdotes, but back it up with research to strengthen your response. Evidence-based management is what we must all strive for in all responses.

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