Submit to Discussion 2 a reflection of at least 300 words on one of the following topics:

1) Using the information pyramid I discussed in the second lecture (data > information > knowledge > wisdom), select an example (data collected by Target/Pick ‘n Save, data collected by a social media company, data collected by a business/researcher/teacher/individual) and discuss how you move from one level of the pyramid to the next using your example. To help explain your example, you might look for reputable source or sources (news outlets, the UWM library (Links to an external site.), the tech press like Wired, etc.) to determine how data becomes information, knowledge, and finally wisdom. 

2) Using the "Improved Flow of Information Model" I discussed in lecture, discuss an example of a communication/information flow you know about that led to a misunderstanding or miscommunication due to one (or more) of the factors: poor channel choice, unintended interpretation, feedback failure, noise/interference, and/or lack of context. What did you do (or did the individual involved do) to fix the situation? What can you (or they) do differently in the future to decrease the chances of misunderstanding? 

Your initial post and your response posts will be evaluated using the Online Discussion Rubric. Please make sure to link to and/or cite any outside information you use in your post. Help with citations can be located at Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.).

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