4.2: Artist Management Scenario

This is an excellent opportunity to once again putyou in a leadership rolethat of an artist manager.

In this hypothetical scenario, you are tasked withspearheading your independent artist’s new public relations and marketingcampaigns for their new album release and touring activities.

Although you feel that you’ve effectively mapped outyour artist’s career plan, as a responsible leader you understand when anindustry focus isn’t your specialty, and you believe it’s best to bring inoutside help. To that end, you’ve engaged the services of a public relations(PR) team. After entering into a three-month retainer with them, you discoverthat you’ve essentially (unknowingly) delegated a fair amount of your decision-makingand leadership authority in this area to these outside consultants.

In order to get back in control of the situation,you need outside advice and leadership examples to inform your plan of action.

Please identify an example of what you consider tobe delegative leadership and decision-making that can help to guide you inregaining your leadership role in this important area of your artist’s career.

You should feel free to choose from any industry.What is important is for you to apply lessons learned from leaders and decisionmakers to your approach to leadership.


4.3: Framing

Identify one major music-industry current eventand/or innovation and describe what you feel is an effective way to frame thatissue or problem. Remember, there can be a variety of ways to look at the issueat hand.

Please keep the post office and the recorded musicscenarios in mind as you go through this process.

4.4:Leadership Tone

Answerthe following two-part question.

Part 1

Pleaseidentify an industry leader/organization that you feel effectively sets thetone in his or her organization, both in terms of reinforcing organizationalvalues, morale, and leading by example.

Part 2

Nowthat we’ve gotten our feet wet with a variety of leadership, decision-making,and ethics considerations, I want you to build upon what we’ve covered so far.

Basedon the materials that we’ve covered since lesson 1 and especially theinformation on leadership styles and setting the “tone” that wecovered this week, let’s revisit the controversial RIAA v. Napster litigation.How do you feel that both leadership styles and attention to setting the tonecould have impacted the RIAA’s approach to Napster and file sharing?

Specifically,in terms of leadership, leading by example, and the materials we’ve covered,what advice can you suggest that would help leaders to make the most effectiveand informed decisions?

Haveyour views on this issued changed since lesson 1?




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