you must read all readings and notes.


Purpose: The goal of this individual assignment is to help you relate to and understand the core concepts of the chapter on diversity.

Activity assignment:

1. Provide a concrete example of how different perspectives stemming from diversity can positively impact an organization or work group. You may use a real-life personal example or make one up.

2. Pick an identity group (e.g., gay, Black, or woman) other than your own. Imagine and list the negative experiences and interactions you believe you might encounter at work. What policies or strategies could an organization implement to prevent those negative experiences from occurring?


Your reflection paper should be minimum 1.5 pages and maximum 2.5 pages in length (not including title page). Please use font size 12, times new roman and 1.5 spacing. Submission deadline is February 3, 2022 (11.55pm).


This individual assignment will count towards coursework assignments.


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