Case 10.2: Currency Wars (Page 261 of the e-Text)

Please read the above case and answer the question(s) at the end of the page.

Your answer must be at least 2 pages (double-space) in length.

Provide a 1 to 2 paragraph summary of the case.

A paragraph has 3 to 5 sentences; sometimes more. It means correct spelling and word use. 
Do not try to use words you don’t normally use.  If you use them incorrectly it does not make you look smart.

Your answer(s) must be based on the material from your eText and any additional research or reading that you do.

All ideas, phrases and paraphrases must use in-line citations (APA style) and you must include references.  

See the Course Information Module for APA Reference Brochure.

All ideas and opinions must be supported by facts, evidence and examples.  All facts, evidence and examples must have citations!

If you make a point, you must use facts, examples and evidence to support it.

These facts, examples and evidence should come from the e-Text and credible sources!

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