Create and deliver a presentation and summary on Customer Service for the organization Fabletics. 

Everyday customers experience various levels of service-some good and some very bad. Some companies are known forcustomer service and some are not. Many fall in between. Many companies face legal issues related to customer ethics andsafety.For this presentation, the organization chosen is Fabletics.  Provide some company background (see below). Discuss its customer service mission and the ways it provides aservice to customers. Discuss some of the issues that both the customer faces with the organization, and those that thecompany faces with the consumer. What does the company do well? Uncover a legal issue that the company has had toencounter based on service, and the outcome. Provide your closing analysis of your findings. 
II. The rubric is provided. Presentations will be created in PowerPoint and videotaped or through Teams (by appointment). 

The presentation (worth 300 points) should also include: 
Cover Slide 
Objectives of the presentation 
Company Overview and Business Description including; corporate officers, location, business sector 
Major Products and Services 
Financial data; revenue, expenses, net income 
A management Ethical dilemma and potential legal outcomes

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