Step 2: Select Your Topic

Pick a current issue pertaining to federalism. Possibilities include: Abortion, school standards, immigration, gambling, healthcare, firearm laws, marijuana, or internet privacy. You are certainly not limited to this list. I AM CHOOSING MEDICAL MARIJUANA AS MY TOPIC. 

Step 3: Analyze and Evaluate

Perform research to find a recent article that explores and analyzes the topic youve chosen from a federalism perspective.

Step 4: Write the paper

Using the background resources provided as well as an article found in performing your own research, write a two-page paper that shows you understand how federalism has evolved over the nations history and an issue or topic from a federalism perspective. Use Microsoft Word to create your document.
Your paper should consist of at least 5 paragraphs (1.5-2 pages in length) following this format:
1.       Introduction Paragraph: Summarizes the purpose of the paper, uses  an attention-getting device to draw the reader in (PDF).
 an attention-getting device to draw the reader in (PDF). – Alternative Formats
2.       Paragraphs 2-3: Provide a summative analysis of federalism, tracing its evolution throughout U.S. history to where we are today.
3.       Paragraph 4: Provide an analysis of a current topic or issue pertaining to federalism.
A. Describe the issue or topic
b. Describe the relationship to federalism (I.e. what are the states doing vs. What is the federal government doing?)
c. Describe why the issue is controversial regarding governance
4.       Conclusion paragraph: Summarize the paper and tie it all together.
5.       Citations: At the end of your paper, create a citation for each source you USED in the paper. You may use either APA or MLA style (APA is preferred).

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