** Discussion question **

Go to the CSG web site (http://csgjusticecenter.org/jr/) and find information about either current or past justice reinvestment (JR) initiatives in your state. If your state has not been involved in any (JR) activities so far, select one state that has (preferably one nearby) and answer the following questions about that state.
  1. What efforts have been made in this jurisdiction to identify and reduce any of the six barriers listed in chapter 4? Give at least one example.
  2. Which of the six barriers identified in chapter 4 is likely to be the most difficult to overcome in this jurisdiction, and why? Provide specific evidence to support your answer.
Dear writer, I need to answer this discussion question with 500 words APA 7th edition
with  TWO references one ONLINE and one from the BOOK, we are using. 

Title: Criminal Justice Policy and Planning: Planned Change (5th ed.)

Author: Welsh, W., & Harris, P.  

Year Published: 2016

Publisher: Routledge/Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 9780323298858

  • Welsh & Harris - Chapter 4

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