A very diverse group of professionals make up the current U.S. and global health care systems. The roles of each have changed over time, as well as their rights and responsibilities. This week, choose one such profession (this could be your own) or ones such as Advanced Practical Nurses (APNs), Midlevel Providers, Physician Assistants (PAs), or an Allied Health Professional (see text for a listing of those). Discuss:
     (1) What role you chose and why
     (2) the evolution of the role, to present (including relevant, and most updated, statistics)
     (3)  how the role impacts the current health care system
     (4)  the outlook of the role for the future 
     (5)  one thing you find the most unique or fascinating about the role you chose
     (6)  Current research and sources are expected (outside resource other then the book) 
Use Chapter 4 from the book and outside resource. Also, these 2 videos 

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