In APA format, and in bullet points, please answer these questions. I have attached pdf file for reference. Thank you
1. Have you ever been frustrated trying to navigate
the health care system? If so, how? What might
you suggest to improve the system for patients?
2. Do you think managed care is mostly good or
mostly detrimental? Why? What pros and cons are
most important to you? If you were able to change
managed care for the better, what might you do?
3. Are you in favor of universal coverage or not? Why?
4. Which do you consider more appealing, a single-
payer or a multi-payer system? Why?
5. Do you support or oppose the idea of an individual
mandate? Why? What role, if any, do you think
employers should play in defining and paying for
employees’ health insurance?
6. Which provisions of the Affordable Care Act do
you support? Which do you oppose? Why?

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