One of the ways that we learn new things is by making connections to something we’re already familiar with when we come across something new.  For this extra credit assignment, I’m going to present a new artwork that we haven’t covered in class (see above). The first student to post should include a picture of another artwork from our class that we read, talked, referenced, posted, etc. about this semester that this new image reminds you of.  In other words, what image from our class do you connect this new image to?  Your connection can be made through the subject matter, symbolism, design elements (color, lighting, space, texture, lines, etc.), figural arrangement, medium, etc.  

You should include an image and also a short written segment that identifies your image (artist, title, date, culture of origin), and an explanation of how you made that intertextual (i.e., between text) connection  (FYI Artworks are texts).  The second person to post can make a connection to the image above.  Each person that posts should select an artwork from our class that they connect to something they see on our padlet were essentially building a large visual web of art history connections (i.e., a concept map). Be sure to put your image at the top of your document, so we can easily preview it. 


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