For this project, you are going to identify and interview an nonprofit leader to learn about the role of organizational culture in their work. 

First, you will identify an organization/leader you are interested in learning from.  I am happy to help you find organizations and leaders if you need support.

Second, you will develop a list of strong interview questions to learn information about the content areas below:

1. What tools do they use to build and sustain culture?

2. How do they codify culture in their day to day operations?  Where do you see it?

3. What role does culture plan in their management of their staff/volunteers/board – the human capital in their organization?

We will discuss this project and strong question ideas in our Zoom sessions in week 2.  Then, you will conduct your interview (via phone or Zoom is fine).  Then, you will turn in a synopsis of what you learned from this interview process in week 4 (by Thursday) as a mid-term project.  I do not want a transcription of the interview or a blow-by-blow repetition of their answers.  I want you to take what you heard and synthesize into learnings that you will carry with you.  I want to know who you interviewed, why you chose this leader/organization, and what you learned from your conversation with them.  Feel free to highlight things you heard that work well but also listen for the “real life” challenges, and outline opportunities for growth.

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