In approximately 1250 to 1650 words (5 to 6 pages), students will analyze producers (manufacturers) in the HCVC. The student will respond to the following:

  • Introduce the assignment by detailing the role of manufacturers (producers) in the healthcare value chain (HCVC); within your introduction, discuss manufacturers’ incentives and how they relate to the rest of the HCVC.
  • Examine and summarize how historical events, as well as the current administration’s ideas and positions on the delivery of healthcare, affect the manufacturers.
  • Analyze the application of the iron triangle to manufacturers.
  • What are the major problems the administration articulates? Critique the administration’s replacement ideas and whether those changes and any subsequent regulations will “fix” the issue or will create new problems. In your response, consider the competitive healthcare environment as you decide on the value of these suggestions for developing and executing healthcare strategy.

written assignment should contain the following elements:

  1. Abstract: Your abstract should be brief, but it should explain the problem, your motivation for solving the problem, an explanation of your approach to solving the problem, and background information that will lead to your conclusions/implications.
  2. Introduction: Begin with a thesis statement that states the focus of your paper. Then discuss the three to five key points that your paper will explore.
  3. Body of Paper: Discuss each of the key points outlined in your introduction, providing detailed research from the study materials provided for you in the module and including any other academic research you have conducted. Be sure to use proper APA format for all citations.
  4. Summary: Wrap up the concepts you’ve discussed and summarize the main ideas you have discussed throughout the body of the paper.
  5. Conclusion: Transition to the ending of your paper and provide final thoughts on what recommendations you have or what you think the future landscape will look like.
  6. References: Include all sources you used (both from the module’s study materials and any additional sources) in a separate References page. Follow APA format.

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