This project contains two parts. First, you’ll research and discuss food safety, including sanitation requirements, food storage, preparation, and proper food handling, as well as presentations that make food appetizing for children. Second, you’ll be required to create a one-week menu, including snacks, for your selected age group following the 

 (). You will want to use the information from MyPlate as you develop Part 2 of your Menu Project. 

Part 1: Essay

Food safety sanitation requirements, storage, preparation, proper food handling, and presentation are the first steps in ensuring proper diet and nutrition for a child’s health and welfare. Using the Internet, research proper methods for each of these areas for your chosen age group and then write a 400-500 word essay about what you’ve learned. Make sure you properly cite the information you use in your essay using the APA format. Citations should be included in-text as well as at the close of your essay.  Utilize  if you are unfamiliar with how to correctly cite your research in-text and at the close of your paper.

Part 2: Creating a Menu

For this part of your project, you’ll select an age group for which you’ll plan a week’s menu that includes three meals a day, plus snacks.

On your submission, be sure to clearly identify the age group you’ve selected. The age groups for this project are

  • Toddler 13 years old
  • Pre-Kindergarten 45 years old

After carefully reviewing the nutritional information, found on the MyPlate website, you’ll use the provided 

 to create a five-day menu for your chosen age group. Take into account the nutritional needs (shared from this week’s reading & the websites provided that share recommended calories, dietary intake, and portion sizes) for the age group you’re working with. 

On the menu template, you will share the age group (either 1-3 or 4-5).  Please list the appropriate food groups in each column and the specific food item and serving size  for each day of the week.  Here’s a 

 for you to look over.  You may use the menu as a guide but you may not use it as if it were your own project. 

Preparing Your Project for Submission

When you’ve completed your essay and planned your menu for all five days in the age group you’ve chosen, you’ll submit your essay and menu as one project. Prior to submitting this assignment, carefully review your work for grammar and punctuation.  Reread your essay and ensure that your content is both accurate and clearly articulated.    

Grading Criteria

Your project will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The contents of your essay
  • Menu completeness and appropriateness for the age group
  • The accuracy of all content
  • Organization of information
  • Development of sentences and paragraphs
  • The accuracy of spelling, punctuation, and grammar

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