This essay should be between 750 and 1000 words. The format is APA which requires the following:

Abstract Page which follows the Title Page. This is more of an introduction which is no more than a page but no less than a paragraph.

Similarity will be graded (make sure you have no more than 25%)

Make sure you cite your sources and use a minimum of 3 sources, more would be better. NO Encyclopedias, Wikipedias, or sources!

Use at least one historical periodical, i.e. JSTOR

There are several topics listed in the syllabus. Again, make sure you do not write on a broad topic. Example: The WWII is too broad a topic, however you can select a battle, and as far as domestic politics the Great Depression is to broad a topic but maybe you could like to address the Dust Bowl, TVA, Social Security or National Recovery Act, etc. If you have any doubt about your topic being acceptable please email me by 29 August for me to approve it. You may choose another topic if you wish but it needs to be approved as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you turn your work in on time. If it is turned in LATE there is a 10% penalty deduction AND if you have not turned it in before the 5 March at 11:59 pm it will be a Zero.

Works Cited Page at the end. A minimum of 4 sources is required BUT more is better. Make sure one source is from a historical periodical like JSTOR.

Suggested topics are as follows:

Captain Alfred Mahan

Reforms created as a result of the Progressive Movement

Jim Crow laws and Black Codes versus the Reconstruction Civil Rights Act.

KKK , What were the differences between the late 19th century KKK and the KKK of the 20th century?


1896, 1900, or 1912 /Choose One Election

The Hepburn Act, what was is it and how did it get passed?

Roosevelt Corollary, how did it influence US foreign policy in the 20th century.

Gentleman’s Agreement

Teller Amendment versus the Platt Amendment, did this poison the well with future relations with Cuba.

Dollar Diplomacy

W. E. B. DuBois versus Booker T. Washington

Causes of WWI in 1914 and why did the US enter the war in 1917 ?

Reforms spawned by the Progressive Movement , choose one to examine.

Senator Henry Cabot Lodge

The League of Nations

What did the Allies want from the US when they entered the WWI in 1917 ?

19th amendment

Jane Addams



Battle of Saipan importance to the defeat of Japan.

Why did we drop the second Atomic bomb on Nagasaki?

My Lai Massacre

The Great Society

Berlin Airlift

The Blacklist

Edward R Murrow’s "Good Night and Good Luck"

The Pueblo Incident

Huey Long

Camp David Accords

Why did Richard Nixon Resign?

Mark M Lane

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