the purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking (and writing) critically.   “Critical Thinking” is defined as the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.  It is the basis for the study of law and will be essential for you as business leaders.

For this assignment you will select one “wrongdoing” from the Roster of Wrongdoing in Exhibit 8.1 on pages 253-255 of the text, giving a summary for the high-profile business crime/incident and issues involved.  Your discussion should contain any business crimes charged and their elements.  Be sure to list and describe any federal acts used or created as a result of the wrongdoing.  Discuss the results of the crime/incident, including who might have been involved and what any penalties were.  Finally, your discussion should include what could or should have been done differently.   You should make sure the reader is left with a clear takeaway from your discussion.   

 Below are the expectations for this assignment.

  • Provide an objective analysis and evaluation of the “wrongdoing” you chose and what can be learned and/or done differently going forward.
  • 2-3 pages of body, cover page is not necessary.
  • Citation of any references used, giving credit where credit is due. The references must be clearly cited within the body of your paper.
  • Reference page attached, if use any.
  • Vital source website. Login in order to access the book:  Password: Powerpoint2708!

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