Discussion Prompt & Information

For this assignment, please review both the excerpt from the textbook on profit and an informational piece from Investopedia titled, "How Amazon Makes Money" and make two substantive annotations, comments, and/or questions about a specific part of the textbook and articleAlso, reply to at least one other student’s post thoughtfully and thoroughly. The annotation, comment, or question must be substantive. Your comments are viewable by your classmates.

Think about these questions in your reading of the article: What type of profit (or types of profit) would you identify Amazon making? Is this profit “good” for society? (i.e. are we as a society happy that Amazon is making this profit, and better off collectively)

Article Link: Module 13 Article Discussion.docx


For an example of how to annotate, please see the instructions in Module 1 Article Discussion


Post two "annotations" to this prompt by Friday night at 11:59pm. In your post(s) please include the following:

  1. Two excerpts of the article with your thoughts on each excerpt.
  2. Incorporation of key concepts in each excerpt. 

By Sunday night at 11:59pm, please reply to at least one of your peer’s posts. In each reply, please do one of the following:

  1. A detailed explanation to what you agree or disagree with and why

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