Read problems carefully. For the sake of yourgrade, read questions thoroughly. Make sure you understand every term and forwhat pieces of information the problem is asking. These questions are notintentionally tricky; however, they are word problems, and if you do notthoroughly understand what is being asked, you will make mistakes.

Show your work. On questions thatrequire calculations, you will need to include the steps that you followed tocalculate your final answer. You can do so by formally showing your work, anddisplaying the formula and/or calculations you used. You can also describe thesteps you used in words, if you prefer (such as I added ___ to ____).  Whichever way you choose, it cannot behandwrittenyou must type your response, and include it in the homework toreceive full credit for your answer. Having this information helps tounderstand how you are thinking, so that I can better assist you; it alsoallows me to give you more credit when you make an arithmetic error; finally,it helps to ensure you are completing the work, and not copying answers.

Make sure and mark your final answer.

Round your work asexpected. When calculations are needed, you should be using a calculator or somekind of software that performs calculations. If you need to round the numbersin various steps of your calculations, then round to the nearestthousandththis would be three numbers after the decimal (ex: .423 [3 is thethousandth place]). If your final answer has a decimal, it can be rounded to thenearest hundredth (ex: .42) or tenth (ex: .4), whatever seems to fit thesituation better. No final answer needs a decimal longer than three decimalplaces (the thousandths place).

Make sure you are rounding the decimal, nottruncating. Example A: 1.425 is rounded to 1.43, not 1.42 (which would betruncating).  Example B: 1.423 roundedis 1.42. Five and above is rounded up to the next number; four and below isnot.



Please make sure to show your work as my professor has expressed that to be very important.

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