The purpose of this assignment is for you to evaluate the ethical, legal, and professional issues in assessment in relationship to Psychological Measurements.

You are to view the film, Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story (found on Netflix and YouTube), and briefly describe who Stanley Milgram is before delving into the body of the paper. Through watching the film, research and using the book, you are going to answer the following questions: What were the ethical issues involved in Milgram’s studies? What were the legal issues involved in Milgram’s studies? What were the professional issues involved in Milgram’s studies?

Make notes because you will need to use examples from the film to justify the issues that you discovered within the movie, as evidenced in the book. Conclude with your thoughts to the Milgram’s studies and his contribution to the field of psychology. 

This assessment needs to follow APA format for term paper including the title page, abstract and references (minimum of two sources) and uploaded into TurnItIn (minimum of two pages

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