A narrative essay 750 words. My topic is night surfing.I had already posted part of it in class.

I need the name Ikaika a good friend in the essay. Topic Night Surfing. I have part of it.

and fix up my writing

The part I wrote:

Kikaula and I always goes surfing together. He’s an old school friend. We went to high school together. Families no one another.
Surfing at night is so different from day. Your visibility is reduced so I gotta judge on my instincts.Night surfing is calming and relaxing for me. It gives me a different kind of calmness.Surfing near a resort close to surf breaks is best.Its about catching that right wave.
Surfing with a full moon and the stars does something to the tides.
Anyway I recall catching a beautiful wave, wind blowing in my face. The energy going through my surfboard, such a long ride I had. Feeling no pain, just free. Until it abruptly threw me on the reef. I landed on my feet, then it was like someone throwing my board at me. Good thing I caught it. I was shocked thinking what happened.I picked up my board stepping on reef trying to get back into ocean. I’m thinking, did I treat someone bad today.
You see, I believe the ocean conditions interact with my conditions. What I ate, what I drank,How much sleep I had,how happy I am, how angry. How much love I have.If I am relaxed, If I am afraid, how much energy I have. How focus am I, how quick, how strong and how brave.
Then I remembered my mom did not want me surfing on this night, something about a dream she had. But I went surfing anyway. That is my peace time.
We start surfing at around midnight until 3am.

if you can blend my story in that’s great. Narrative essay.

Total 750 words (together with my story)

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