Master’s level essay on the limits of human rights discourses / critique of human rights discourses. A 30 page draft was prepared (titled “A Critique of the Human Rights Ideology” and it needs to be further developed / refined / expanded upon.

Must include a critical analysis of the normative human rights regime / discourses.
Must incorporate arguments critical of the normative human rights regime, relying upon the works of Karl Marx, Samuel Moyn, Costas Douzinas, Wendy Brown, and other academics who adopt a critical view of the normative human rights discourses. Must also tie in the work of Carl Schmitt, particularly his critique of liberalism, as the lens from which to establish the critique of the normative human rights regime. Must also include a rehabilitative strand, relying perhaps on the work of Chantal Mouffe, Ernesto Laclau (agonism), as a way to overcome the limitations of the normative human rights regime.
Must use MLA citation.
Must use the 30 page paper titled “A Critique of Human Rights Ideology” (attached) as the base, upon which to further develop / build / refine argument.
Must NOT be plagiarized and all sources must be cited appropriately. 

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